Yvonne Kendall: Transmutations

Yvonne Kendall, Make me Majestic, 2023, stool, chessboard, fabric & thread, 168 x 80 x 50 cm

Yvonne Kendall‘s current exhibition at Puul in Vienna features recent work. The artist notes that “Transforming myself into a lioness, a cat, a rabbit, a reindeer, an eagle or a bear. Calling on the attributes of each animal to give me strength, balance, calm, wisdom or endurance.

This is my personal alchemy- transforming myself into a warrior, an acrobat, a joyous creature connected to nature. The figures are part human, part animal, made out of old curtain materials, combined with domestic objects, old wooden tools, wooden furniture, chessboards and toys.”

Yvonne Kendall: Transmutations
Puuul, Vienna, Austria
until Tuesday, 29 September 2023

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