BOOK LAUNCH: Ken Whisson

Join author Quentin Sprague in conversation with art critic and art historian Victoria Perin, and interim Director of the ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Tony Oates as they discuss Ken Whisson: Painting & Drawing

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Art Collector: Ken Whisson

“Although he lived an unusually long and purposeful life, it is not easy to accept that the author of those unforgettable pictures has gone. There will never be another like him.” Joe Frost discusses the work of the late Ken Whisson in the latest issue of Art Collector. Read more by ordering your copy here.

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Artist Profile: Ken Whisson

Joe Frost has written a fitting tribute to the late Ken Whisson in the latest Artist Profile. Frost notes that “From his emergence in the mid-twentieth century, Whisson related to his audience not as compatriots in need of a national story, but as human beings capable of refashioning their own perception and, he hoped, transforming the structures of society.” Read more about the incredible artist and his complicated and magnetic work by ordering your copy of the latest Artist Profile here.

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