Moreover: 50 Paintings, an exhibition curated by Michelle Grabner

left: Mari Eastman, Yellow rose, 2023; right: Mike Paré, Stereo wall, 2024 Courtesy the artists and The Green Gallery

Michelle Grabner has curated the exhibition Moreover: 50 Paintings at The Green Gallery, in Milwaukee, USA. Moreover: 50 Paintings is the sister exhibition to the Milwaukee Art Museum’s, 50 Paintings, which Grabner co-curated with Margaret Andera, senior curator of contemporary art. The contemporaneous exhibitions together feature the work of one-hundred artists. Read more about the exhibition 50 Paintings here and Moreover: 50 Paintings here.

50 Paintings
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI, USA
until 23 June 2024

Moreover: 50 Paintings
The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA
until 15 June 2024

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