Artist Spotlight: Fiona Foley

Fiona Foley's work in Significs at Conners Conners. Photograph by Jordan Koudmani

Fiona Foley‘s work features in the current exhibition Significs at Conners Conners. Significs brings together work by a number of contemporary Australian artists who explore explores text through the ideas of signs, semiotics and perception.

Featuring work by both Dianne Jones and Fiona FoleyBeating about the bush: a new lens on Australian Impressionism, at Art Gallery of Ballarat pairs work by female photographers who have re-examined the Australian landscape with works drawn from the gallery’s collection of Australian Impressionist landscape paintings.

Conners Conners, Fitzroy, Melbourne
until 4 March 2023

Beating about the bush: a new lens on Australian Impressionism
Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat, Victoria
until 19 February 2023

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