Zhou Hongbin

“I think that any form and media are secondary to my practice. The key is whether I can express my own experience and ideas.” Zhou Hongbin, 2019

Zhou Hongbin investigates representation and reality, questioning what is real and what is fiction in her multi-disciplinary practice. Well known for her Aquarium series, in which her digitally multiplied pet rabbit swims in a liminal body of water, Zhou Hongbin has become increasingly interested in abstraction, more recently depicting in photographs, geometric sculptures the artist made, documented, then destroyed.

Born in Zhangzhou in Fujian Province, China, Zhou Hongbin completed a Bachelor of Arts at Art College of Xiamen University (2001) and a Master of Arts (in Digital Media) at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (2005). Her work was included in the landmark exhibition Minimalism: Space, Light, Object at the National Gallery Singapore in 2018 and she has exhibited regularly in China, USA and Singapore. 2020 marked the first solo exhibition of Zhou Hongbin’s work in Australia. Zhou Hongbin currently lives and works in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.


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