Kevin Lincoln

“One of the most introverted and underrated artists in this country, Lincoln paints his own features with the same piercing objectivity he brings to bear on still-life subjects” John McDonald, art critic and columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald

“The lifetime discipline of drawing from the observed, whether it be in the studio, a museum or from nature, has honed (Kevin Lincoln’s) natural draughtsmanship as well as a repertoire of forms either depicting or abstracted from observation” Elizabeth Cross, curator

The still life, the self-portrait and the realisation of specific spaces have been enduring concerns throughout Kevin Lincoln’s career. His sensitive consideration of these subjects has emphasised modesty, restraint and natural beauty, concepts that are echoed in his collection of Japanese pottery. Items from this collection have appeared frequently in his work in recent years.

In 2015 The Art Gallery of Ballarat held the highly regarded survey exhibition Kevin Lincoln: The Eye’s Mind. The exhibition featured a diverse range of work from over 25 years of the critically acclaimed artist’s career and then travelled to Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston in 2016. A comprehensive exhibition catalogue accompanied the exhibition and the major monograph, Kevin Lincoln: Art and Life, written by Hendrik Kolenberg, was published in 2006, providing great insight into the artist’s extensive oeuvre.

Kevin Lincoln currently lives and works in Melbourne.


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