Ebony Truscott

Ebony Truscott’s “incredibly subtle palette and knack for capturing light, tonality and shadow that give these works their magnetism.” Dan Rule, The Age, 2015

The acutely observed detail of Ebony Truscott’s paintings and works on paper reveal the artist’s interest, not only in describing the visible, but also in depicting tactile and spatial experience.

Truscott’s subjects are drawn from her immediate surroundings and include contemporary objects related to the body and the home: ventolin inhalers, earplugs, bricks, fruit and light bulbs are repeated motifs. The tradition of vanitas and still life painting is apparent here (the objects are used, fruit looks soft) and points to the passage of time, to human mortality.

Exhibiting since 1995, Ebony Truscott’s work is held in a number of public and private collections including: Monash University Museum of Art Collection, Melbourne; Deakin University Collection, Melbourne; The National Library of Australia, Canberra; The State Library of Victoria, Melbourne; and The Athenaeum Club, Melbourne. Ebony Truscott lives and works in Melbourne.


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