Sangeeta Sandrasegar,  she wrapped a bandage round her eyes and vowed to share the darkness, 2019, pierced and cut paper, hand dyed in Natural Indigo approximately 24 x 40cm, from the installation of 101 pierced and cut paper works

NOW REPRESENTING: Sangeeta Sandrasegar

Sangeeta Sandrasegar works within a research-based practice, building narratives in which new work connects to previous projects. The artist's practice consolidates postcolonial and hybridity theory, exploring her life in Australia and the relationship between migrant communities and homelands.

Sangeeta Sandrasegar's practice has consistently engaged with shadow as a formal and symbolic motif in developing these themes. The artist manipulates shadow in all forms to create images and effects that are ephemeral and powerful. Sandrasegar's diverse application of the silhouette gives a voice to the identities of people caught on the margins of society. These fluctuating shadows and ephemeral visual effects subtly address the ambiguous status of individuals caught in a complex social structure.

Sangeeta Sandrasegar's representation of contemporary narratives considers the beauty and brutality of the contemporary world. She weaves together theory and artistic motifs inspired by various cultures and her work demonstrates that political statements can be made within the realm of visual poetics.