Rubaba Haider, You are my Shams (Rumi) I, 2017, gouache on Fabriano paper, 32 x 35.5cm

Rubaba Haider at 2018 India Art Fair

Rubaba Haider's work is currently showing at the 2018 India Art Fair in New Delhi. Haider redefines traditional Hazara techniques of weaving and embroidery, using conventional materials in an unorthodox way. Threads, tears and fabric wefts tell a story of the upheavals that the artist has experienced in her life: the delicate intricacy revealing the fragility and strength of ties that bind people and communities together.
Her work was featured in an associated article for the Fair, 10 artworks from the 10th Edition of the India Art Fair you would want to own, which details the ten artworks that were considered the most impactful, both in terms of the themes explored and the material nature of the work.
2018 India Art Fair
New Delhi, India
9-12 February 2018