Blue Chip

Niagara Galleries' annual Blue Chip exhibition is a highly anticipated collectors' exhibition, showcasing museum quality artworks. Each exhibition features historical artists beside 'blue chip' artists of the future and is curated by Niagara Director, William Nuttall.

Niagara Galleries, Blue Chip XVI, 2014, installation image

Selected Stock

Dale Hickey
Untitled (Studio series - white vase), 2009
oil on board
120 x 160cm


Sidney Nolan
(Kelly's Eye), 1946
synthetic polymer paint on board
64 x 75.4cm

Tony Tuckson
Still life no.9 (TP 453), c.1951-53
oil on canvas
32 x 41cm

Fred Williams
Untitled, 1952
varnished gouache on cardboard
16.5 x 27.5cm

Ian Fairweather
(Mother and child), 1958
gouache on cardboard
52.5 x 37cm


This is a selection only, for further information contact the gallery.