Angela Brennan

Angela Brennan lives and works in Naarm, Australia. Her studio practice spans painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and making collaborative iPhone movies.


Angela Brennan’s oil paintings instantiate abstract entities and texts within this world and beyond. Her paintings are composed of resonating colour fields and shape-filled colour (or colour filled shapes), humming, floating forms, and wavering linear marks that entangle and disentangle across the surface. Since the late 1980s, in her painting practice, her ongoing obsession with line, an eccentric square (a square posing as a circle), and a colour laden brush-mark, has continually asserted itself. All these elements that are un-real are made real, by way of paint. Instead of having a preconceived idea of how a painting might look, it is the painting-process itself which determines how the work arrives. Sometimes the painting evolves and transforms, other times it’s immediate. ‘On the one hand, my paintings stand for themselves, they are of and only themselves, on the other hand they are part of a conscious universe’.


Angela Brennan has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia and internationally. She has had major solo exhibitions at the Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA), the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne, and the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Angela has been awarded several international artist’s residencies, most recently as artist-in-residence at the University of Sydney Archaeological excavations in Cyprus. Her work is represented in major public and private collections throughout Australia and overseas. Angela holds a BA, Painting, RMIT, a BA, University of Melbourne, and a PhD, Visual Arts, Monash University.


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