Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor's work involves labour intensive constructions, small sections of metal welded together to create complex three dimensional forms. His sculptures often involve detailed patterning where a curve or bend in a length of metal is repeated to create a matrix. The repetition suggests that a work could, theoretically, continue to sprawl and expand endlessly.

Taylor's work is both formal and conceptual. The sculptures are elegant, the eye paces along the metal lines at a slow and steady rate. There is a rhythm to the work that is meditative and engaging. But the works are not purely visual. They are metaphors and analogies for daily life. Subtle variations and shifts in the patterning suggest organic expansion. His found object work, which often has a more figurative approach, give a definite order to the events of our life, no matter how chaotic it may seem.

As well as producing small sculpture, Neil has produced larger installations and major commisions. For the sculpture garden at Heide Museum of Modern Art he created a structure of welded steel bars, the interior being a dense overlapping of lines. His work has been exhibited in Australia and overseas, and is included in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria. 

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Neil Taylor, Rings of Langwarrin II, 2014, welded steel, 128.5 x 46 x 46cm, 16511

Rings of Langwarrin II, 2014
welded steel
128.5 x 46 x 46cm

Selected Stock

Neil Taylor
Nautical 2, 2011
bronze, unique
17 x 20 x 23cm

Neil Taylor
Up country, 2014-2015
soldered galvanised wire
28 x 235 x 4cm

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