Bradd Westmoreland

Westmoreland uses pure colour to create a rich visual experience. His landscapes take the viewer to sensitively depicted spaces reminiscent of modernist Europe. He is interested in the play of form, light and colour to suggest spaces ripe for discovery.

"In each painting the fractured space so ingeniously used, works on the eye, along with the intellect." - James Mollison 2012

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Bradd Westmoreland, Spring, 2013, oil on linen, 170 x 230cm, 16336

Spring, 2013
oil on linen
170 x 230cm

Selected Stock

Bradd Westmoreland
In the garden blue, 2012
acrylic on paper
22.9 x 29cm

Bradd Westmoreland
Yellow garden, 2012
pastel, pencil and acrylic on paper
31 x 41cm

Bradd Westmoreland
Carpet, piano & boy, 2012
oil pastel, pencil, conte, acrylic and felt tip texta on paper
34.5 x 25.6cm

Bradd Westmoreland
Darker with the day, 2015
oil on linen
190 x 280cm

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